The performing arts increase self-confidence and self-expression in students, promote empathy and compassion, and help students learn problem-solving and perseverance. We value the unique talents and skills that every student can bring to the stage!


The Mansfield Arts and Education Center offers theatre education for two age groups; the Broad-Y Academy for students aged 7 through 14, and the Theatre Institute for High Schoolers. Read more about them below!

All of our classes, productions, workshops, camps, and cabarets emphasize compassion for others, the ability to improvise and problem solve, how to cope with rejection and support your fellow cast-members, that being brave pays off, and that success doesn’t come without hard work. And we learn how to sing, dance, and act along the way!



For any questions about our performing arts programs, please call or contact us online.

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For a detailed look at our theatre schedule:


A drama program for students aged 7-14 the Broad-Y Academy presents several performances each year. Ranging from musical theatre, to plays, to original playwrighting, to Shakespeare, to workshops and camps, our mission is to create theatre magic for students of all ability levels, and to instill a deep love for the arts that will last for the rest of their lives.

Students will learn how to be part of a cast, and a community as they engage in the creation of productions, singing, dancing, and acting along the way!


An intensive pre-professional training program for high school aged students, The Theatre Institute, features a variety of classes, camps, and full productions. Our mission is to provide high quality theatrical education, aimed particularly at students who want to develop and grow as young artists.

Each year, students are given the opportunity to participate in the showcase class, featuring concentrated training in acting, movement, and singing techniques, as well as several productions. Our goal is to prepare students for collegiate theatre programs, providing foundational skills and experiences in the arts.


Each year, our theatre groups produce and perform a variety of theatre acts. Read on to find out about several of our wonderful past performances, or check our website for upcoming productions.


This dramatization of C.S. Lewis’ classic, set in the land of Narnia, faithfully recreates the magic and mystery of Aslan, the great lion, his struggle with the White Witch, and the adventures of four children who inadvertently wander from an old wardrobe into the exciting, never-to-be-forgotten Narnia. The intense action features chases, duels and escapes as the witch is determined to keep Narnia in her possession and to end the reign of Aslan. This story of love, courage and giving, with its triumph of good over evil, is a true celebration of life.

– By Broad-Y Academy, 2015


Nothing works on the stage like a well-crafted tale, and OLIVER! is just such a show. Based on the Dickens novel, it will engage audience and students alike with its pathos and drama, while delighting everyone with its outstanding musical numbers.

Food, Glorious Food, I’d Do Anything, Where is Love?, Consider Yourself, As Long As He Needs Me, Who Will Buy and Reviewing the Situation are musical theatre classics.

Dickens’ characters are brought to life — perhaps larger than life — with all their facets glowing in this production.

– By Broad-Y Academy, 2016


This enchanting classic of children’s literature is reimagined in brilliant musical style by composer Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of ‘Night Mother.

Orphaned in India, 11 year-old Mary Lennox returns to Yorkshire to live with her embittered, reclusive uncle Archibald and his invalid son Colin. The estate’s many wonders include a magic garden which beckons the children with haunting melodies and the “Dreamers”, spirits from Mary’s past who guide her through her new life, dramatizing The Secret Garden’s compelling tale of forgiveness and renewal.

– By The Theatre Institute, 2016

Twelfth Night

Shipwrecks, mistaken identity, cross-dressing, misguided love, trickery — it’s all here in this hilarious Shakespearean comedy! Following a shipwreck, Viola finds herself disguised as a boy, and employed by the handsome Duke Orsino. She’s in love with him, he’s in love with Olivia, Olivia’s in love with Cesario, who is actually Viola! Insert some crazy costumes, love letters, marriage proposals, and anything can happen.

Hijinks quickly ensue! Will our lovers find their proper mate? Can Viola reveal her true identity? Who even IS Malvolio?! Join us and find out! The cast will modernize this production as a team, to find contemporary counterparts for each of these characters!

– By The Theatre Institute, 2015