Our part-day preschool provides a comprehensive Early Learning Program. We place great value on providing the most child-safe environment possible and creating an atmosphere where children grow and thrive.


We are a support system for families helping to build a child’s future from the moment they join our program. To meet the needs of our families, we offer two, three and five day morning classes, with an option for an extended day. Our morning classes run 9:00am – 11:30am and our extended day runs 9:00am-1:00pm.

Our program focuses on activities that promote character development including caring, respect, honesty and responsibility. We strive to create a warm, structured environment in which preschool children develop a positive self-image through activities which enhance individual skills as well as positive group interaction. Unique lessons are brought to life in fun and imaginative ways. Our school encourages family involvement as we see ourselves as an extension of the family.

For the Two Day Class: Children at least 2.9 years old are eligible for the two day, Tuesday and Thursday class. The 2 day program allows young children to have two years of preschool before going on to kindergarten giving them a chance to interact with their peers while developing positive social skills. Age appropriate activities in a structured setting provide the first time student opportunities to gain self-confidence and independence.

For the Three Day Class: The Monday, Wednesday, Friday class allows the 4 year old student, entering kindergarten the following year, a chance to continue to grow in all areas of development. Activities that enhance listening, verbal and language skills are emphasized along with positive social skills.

For the Five Day Class: Our 5 day class gives children, who are 4 years old by August 31st, the experience of a longer day. Social, motor and academic development is promoted through fun hands-on activities in science, math, language, writing and verbal skills needed for a positive transition into kindergarten.

We help your child to develop a positive attitude for a lifelong joy of learning by giving them daily opportunities to develop their natural curiosity and creativity. Unique lessons are brought to life in fun and imaginative ways. Our school also encourages family involvement as we see ourselves as an extension of the family.

Read on to learn more about our Preschool Child Care Program. Contact us to talk with our child care director, or to enroll your child.


For any questions, or to enroll your child, please contact our preschool team.

Phone: 508-339-3066


Curriculum is created with specific and intentional purpose. Every interaction whether it is through literature, technology, peer interaction, physical fitness, or nutrition is embedded within a learning experience. Every interaction is used as a teachable moment, and children are provided with a safe space to take the academic risks needed to make connections and learn. Our goal is to help all children become creative, confident thinkers. That’s why we use The CreativeCurriculum® by TeachingStrategies® LLC. It is designed to help educators plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program.

This curriculum focuses on all areas of development, including fine and gross motor skills, independent interaction in both small and large groups, as well as physical activities. All of our child care programs offer quality care in a safe supportive environment that fosters the emotional, physical, social, and cognitive growth of each child.


One of the programs that we offer to our classrooms is an iPad Class. We are proud of this innovative approach to using technology in our classrooms. This technology is enriching our curricula with increased hands-on learning, data-driven assessment, and differentiated instruction. Students are engaging in multi-sensory learning with the use of interactive iPad apps, educational videos, and informational websites.

The iPad technology is revolutionizing our approach to learning and teaching and is instilling in our students an enthusiasm for education that will last a lifetime.


All of our classrooms are led by qualified teachers who meet the Department of Early Education Qualifications for Lead Teacher, Teacher and Assistant Teacher. Educators are trained in first aid, CPR and recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect. We also require 20 hours of professional development per year to stay current in Education trends.


We encourage parents and grandparents to visit our center and classrooms anytime throughout the course of the day. We have an open door policy and encourage our parents to become actively involved in their child’s learning.

Ways to become involved include:

  • Participate in special events like holiday parties, or our annual Walk-a-thon
  • Help with cultural awareness days and activities or other classroom special events
  • Volunteer to support our Annual Campaign
  • Participate on our Parents Advisory Committees


We believe communication with parents is essential, and use a variety of methods to keep parents on top of all that we’re doing. Through daily Facebook posts in our private Facebook pages, daily notes home, daily face to face conversations with at least one full time teacher, and monthly newsletters we keep you up to date.


We pride ourselves in providing care for all. Our Integration department is here to provide support to the Early Learning Centers and families to make sure accommodations can be made for children needing our services.


Child safety and child protection are our Y’s number one priority every single day of the year. In fact, the trust that parents and guardians place in us to take care of their children is our Y’s greatest asset. We work hard every day to earn that trust and will never take it for granted.

Our YMCA is proud to partner and collaborate with school systems, municipalities and other human service organizations throughout our service area to help bring awareness, education and training regarding child sexual abuse to the forefront. We remain committed to this collaborative cause and to our effort to be part of a community based prevention movement.

All children must be signed in and out of care. Children will only be released to a designated person over eighteen years of age with prior authorization. The YMCA will honor the most recent court papers given to us to ensure a child is protected from being picked up by an unauthorized person. No child will be released to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Early Learning Centers have security doors that are activated by an office designated code.


The Hockomock Area YMCA offers confidential financial assistance to families who are working full-time but might have trouble affording child care services. Please download a Financial Assistance Application (or ask for an application at the front desk) and contact our Scholarship Committee at 508.695.7001. Submit the completed application with your Registration and Enrollment packet.

Vouchers are accepted and should be brought to the YMCA with the Registration and Enrollment packet.

Children’s Center phone number: 508-339-3066


We highly recommend an enrollment meeting with our director or lead teacher. This will allow us to answer any questions and get to know you and your child. We feel it is important both for our teachers and for your family to get to know each other before your child’s first day. Registration is done on an on-going basis, and a $50 registration fee is needed upon registration.


The billing administrators are here to support you in any billing/voucher related questions. A billing administrator is available by appointment.You have the option to pay online, by check or through EZ Pay, an automatic deduction from a debit or credit card.

You may also pay balances through our online registration system. Please log in here to pay balances online.